Capturing Unforgettable Moments of Your Wedding in Patagonia

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Plan a Magical Wedding in Patagonia with me

Hey there, I am glad you found me, a traveller, deep diver of the soul and elopement photographer in Patagonia. As a dedicated Patagonia elopement photographer & planner based in Chile, I specialize in planning intimate moments & ceremonys as well as capturing the raw beauty of your special day in Patagonia’s unique landscapes. My local knowledge and Spanish fluency provide a unique advantage in making your vision for your elopement or wedding in Patagonia reality.


Best Time to Elope to Patagonia

If you want to elope to Patagonia, timing is essential! Most couples choose to have their Wedding in Patagonia some time between November and April. If you value a private experience, I would recommend you to evade high season in January and February.

Recommended Seasons for your Wedding in Patagonia

Spring: November to mid-December

The temperatures are agreeable, and you might still witness some late spring bloom. Parks are not as busy as in high-season.


Autum: Mid-March/April
These months enchant with stunning autumn colors and sunsets, best to avoid tourist crowds.

Whenever you decide to have your wedding in Patagonia, always be prepared for chilly nights and strong winds.

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Elope to Patagonia with me!

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Best Patagonia Elopement Locations

If you like wild, rugged and vast landscapes, a Patagonia Elopement Wedding is a dream come true. Underneath, you find the most popular locations for a Wedding in Patagonia:

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Torres del Paine National Park

Enjoy amazing viewpoints and sceneries at your Patagonia Elopement around the Torres del Paine National Park.

Sceneries: Glacier, Waterfall, Lake, Mountains, River, Hills, Caves
Activities: Road trip, Hiking, Camping, Stargazing, Spa, Kayaking, Boat Ride, Horse Riding.

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Marble Caves

Take a kayak or boat trip to the otherworldly Marble Caves for your Patagonia Elopement, or celebrate a true Adventure Wedding at an Ice Hiking Expedition at a nearby Glacier.
Sceneries: Caves, Lake, Mountains, Glacier
Activities: Kayaking, Boat Ride, Ice Hiking, Hiking, Road Trip

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El Chaltén

Have your Patagonia Elopement around El Chaltén. Best for a road trip through stunning landscapes, some amazing trekking & horse riding.

Sceneries: Lake, Mountains, River, Hills
Activities: Road trip, Hiking, Camping, Stargazing, Boat Ride, Horse Riding

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Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier offers a stunning backdrop for your Patagonia Elopement. You can enjoy stunning views on a hiking or boat trip and even explore some ice caves on the glacier itself.
Sceneries: Lake, Mountains, Glacier, Ice Caves
Activities: Hiking, Boat Ride, Ice Hiking

Interested to learn about more

Meet your Patagonia Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Christina!

If not totally immersed into photographing amazing people, I’m usually in the Andes with my favorite horse Fiestero or backpacking around the world. I love getting lost in the vastness of untouched nature, accidentally discovering a surprising place or person, and having heart-to-heart conversations.

I started photography in 2009 and over time I specialized in taking unique and intimate portraits of people and their elopements.
Since then, my path has led me to many incredible people and their loved ones. I am spending the months between December and April near Patagonia and other beautiful places in Chile, sharing my passion for photography and the unique jewels of South America with the people who come to me.

Christina, your Patagonia elopement photographer

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Epic Adventures & Real Weddings in Patagonia

It was a really short night… Nobody tells you how short nights really are in Patagonia during summer and how early the sunrises happen. So let me tell you: they happen really early. As I drive to the agreed-upon photoshoot …


Patagonia Elopement Packages


from 16.700 USD

3-day road trip through Patagonia

Photographic documentation of your 3-day Elopement Adventure (12 h on elopement day, 8 h on first and last day)

Accommodation for 2 nights (min 3* hotels)

All meals included (3x lunch, 3x dinner, 3x breakfast)

3-4 intimate ceremony locations to choose from (based on your ideas)

A custom-tailored timeline for your Patagonia Elopement Adventure

Planning assistance to help you find the best vendors for your Patagonia Elopement

An extensive gallery within 5 weeks

17.700 USD private/ 16.700 USD public*


from 8.500 USD

Up to 12 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

A custom-tailored timeline

Extensive gallery within 5 weeks

9.500 USD private/ 8.500 USD public*


from 5.900 USD

Up to 8 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

A custom-tailored timeline

Extensive gallery within 5 weeks

6.900 USD private/ 5.900 USD public*


from 3.500 USD

Up to 3 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

Extensive Gallery withing 5 weeks

4.500 USD private/ 3.500 USD public*


from 27.000 USD

7-day road trip through Patagonia

3 days of photography during your Patagonia Elopement Adventure (12 h on elopement day, 8 h before and after elopement day)

Accommodation for 6 nights (min 3* hotels)

All meals included (7x lunch, 7x dinner, 7x breakfast)

A custom-tailored timeline for your Patagonia Elopement + Honeymoon (7 days total)

Officiant, Hair & Make-Up & Bridal Flowers for your Patagonia Elopement day

Airport transfers

Everything listed in the 3-days all-inclusive Patagonia Elopement Package

28.000 USD private/ 27.000 USD public*

*Private packages only apply if you wish to keep your photos private. Please book a public package if you’re happy to be a part of my portfolio, which will help promote my work. I’d love to feature some pictures of your adventure story on my website!

Contact your local Patagonia Elopement Photographer

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Book a free phone call with Christina, our Patagonia Elopement Photographer!

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FAQs about Eloping and Planning your Wedding in Patagonia

Why should we hire a local Patagonia elopement photographer?

Hiring a local photographer ensures you get high-quality photos and videos that capture the unique beauty and essence of the region. They know the best locations and can handle the challenges of shooting in this remote and rugged area. Speaking Spanish allows for aseamless communication with local vendors and services granting access to experiences and possibilities that a remote photographer or planner cannot secure. Hiring a local Patagonia elopement photographer or somebody from the region also means less impact on the planet, greater flexibility as well as reduced logistics and costs.

Some of the top locations include Torres del Paine National Park, Mount Fitz Roy, Los Glaciares National Park, and the Chilean fjords. Each offers a unique backdrop for your wedding in Patagonia.

Please pack layers and prepare for all kinds of weathers. In Patagonia you can have everything from sunshine, strong winds to heavy rain and snow at higher altitudes in one day. Essentials include warm layers, waterproof and windproof clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, and any personal items for your ceremony. Don’t forget your wedding attire!
Bring a thermos with hot drinks for your hiking elopement in Patagonia!

The best time is during the warmer months in the Southern Hemisphere, when the weather is milder and the days are longer. My personal favorites as a Patagonia elopement photographer are spring and autumn, while you will have the least probability for rain but strong winds during the summer months.

Absolutely! Many couples choose to combine their wedding with activities like hiking, glacier tours, and horseback riding. We can customize your package to include these adventures.

Being fluent in Spanish allows me to communicate effectively with local vendors, navigate legal requirements, and ensure that every aspect of your wedding in Patagonia is planned smoothly and efficiently.

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