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Elope to Argentina with us!

Are you looking for an Argentina Elopement Photographer? Welcome to Romany Flower Elopements! We are having a base in South America since 2016 and offer elopement photography & videography in Argentina and other popular locations in South America. Read on to learn more about the best tips for your Argentina elopement wedding or get in touch.

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Elope with us!

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Argentina Elopement Wedding Infos

The ideal time for your Argentina Elopement Wedding is from November to April, during the warmer months. For a more private experience, consider avoiding the peak season from mid-December to February. Most international flights land in Buenos Aires. If you’re planning to visit regions like Patagonia or Mendoza for your Argentina Elopement, a connecting flight might be necessary. English isn’t widely spoken across Argentina, and international tourism is relatively undeveloped in many areas, providing vast opportunities for unique and authentic Argentina elopements in pristine, off-the-beaten-path locations. We offer a variety of Argentina elopement packages, from a sweet 3 hours Mini-Elopement Package in Argentina to all-inclusive options. Our local Adventure Elopement Planner and Photographer in Argentina will assist you at every step to create your dream elopement day.


Argentina Elopement Locations

Argentina offers diverse and stunning scenery for your Adventure
Elopement. Known for the famous regions like Patagonia, Mendoza, and
Iguazu Falls, there are countless other incredible locations for an
unforgettable Elopement Wedding in Argentina!
Underneath, you find some location suggestions for your Argentina Elopement. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more!

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Mt. Fitzroy near El Chaltén

A hiker's paradise offering some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in Patagonia for your Argentina Elopement Wedding.

Sceneries: Rugged Mountain Peaks, Lakes, Rivers, Hills, Glaciers

Activities: Road trip, Hiking, Camping, Stargazing, Boat Ride, Kayaking, Horse Riding, Swimming, Spa

patagonia elopement wedding location - perito moreno

Perito Moreno Glacier

Have your Argentina Elopement Wedding at this colossal glacier, constantly advancing and breaking into the lake.

Sceneries: Glacial Landscapes, Icebergs, Mountains

Activities: Glacier hiking, Ice trekking, Boat Tours, Kayaking, Hiking

argentina elopement iguazu falls

Iguazu Falls

Situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is one of the most famous and impressive waterfall systems in the world. Celebrate your Argentina Elopement at this stunning waterfall!

Sceneries: Waterfall, River, Rainforest

Activities: Hiking, Boat-Ride, Kayaking

argentina elopement photographer salt flats salinas grandes

Salinas Grandes

Say "Yes" to each other and celebrate your Argentina Elopement on expansive white salt flats against a backdrop of mountains.

Sceneries: Salt Flats, Desert, Mountainviews

Activities: Roadtrip, Stargazing, Walking, Exploring, Glamping

argentina elopement wedding Quebrada de Humahuaca

Quebrada de Humahuaca

Celebrate your Argentina Elopement with a palette of colorful rock formations in the background. Quebrada de Humahuaca is a UNESCO World Heritage site with rich cultural history.
Sceneries: Multicolored valleys, historical ruins, quaint villages.
Activities: Cultural tours, hiking, Picnic, Biking, Visiting ancient ruins

elope to argentina desierto de diablo elopement wedding

Desierto del Diablo

A mesmerizing desert landscape with striking red rock formations provides a magical background for your Argentina Elopement Wedding

Sceneries: Red Sand and Rock Formations, Desert Landscapes, Mountains
Activities: Road trip, Hiking, Picnic, Star Gazing

Interested to learn about more

Meet your Argentina Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Christina!

If not totally immersed into photographing amazing people, I’m usually in the Andes with my favorite horse Fiestero or backpacking around the world. I love getting lost in the vastness of untouched nature, accidentally discovering a surprising place or person, and having heart-to-heart conversations.

I started photography in 2009 and over time I specialized in taking unique and intimate portraits of people and their elopements.
Since then, my path has led me to many incredible people and their loved ones. I am spending the months between December and April in South America, sharing my passion for photography and the unique jewels of this country with the people who come to me for their Argentina Elopement.

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Argentina Elopement Packages


from 16.700 USD

3-day road trip through any region of Argentina

Photographic documentation of your 3-day Elopement Adventure (12 h on elopement day, 8 h on first and last day)

Accommodation for 2 nights (min 3* hotels)

All meals included (3x lunch, 3x dinner, 3x breakfast)

3-4 intimate ceremony locations to choose from (based on your ideas)

A custom-tailored timeline for your Argentina Elopement Adventure

Planning assistance to help you find the best vendors for your Argentina Elopement

An extensive gallery within 5 weeks


from 8.500 USD

Up to 12 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

A custom-tailored timeline

Extensive gallery within 5 weeks


from 5.900 USD

Up to 8 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

A custom-tailored timeline

Extensive gallery within 5 weeks


from 3.500 USD

Up to 3 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

Extensive Gallery withing 5 weeks


from 27.000 USD

7-day road trip through Argentina

3 days of photography during your Argentina Elopement Adventure (12 h on elopement day, 8 h before and after elopement day)

Accommodation for 6 nights (min 3* hotels)

All meals included (7x lunch, 7x dinner, 7x breakfast)

A custom-tailored timeline for your Argentina Elopement + Honeymoon (7 days total)

Officiant, Hair & Make-Up & Bridal Flowers for your Argentina Elopement day

Airport transfers

Everything listed in the 3-days all-inclusive Argentina Elopement Package

Your Argentina Elopement Wedding

Want to get started with planning your Elopement in Argentina?
Book a free phone call with Christina, our Argentina Elopement Photographer!

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Patagonia Elopement Wedding Photographer