Patagonia Photoshoot in Torres del Paine

It was a really short night… Nobody tells you how short nights really are in Patagonia during summer and how early the sunrises happen. So let me tell you: they happen really early. As I drive to the agreed-upon photoshoot location in Torres del Paine National Park, I am brimming with anticipation. Upon arrival, everything is incredibly quiet. No lights are visible. There is no phone reception where our Patagonia photoshoot is taking place, so as our meeting time approaches, I just hope everything is going smoothly for my couple. When I finally see car lights in the distance, I let out a small sigh of relief. Here they are!

I am so glad to finally meet my couple, Amber and Nic, after the video meetings over the months leading up to their Patagonia photoshoot. They are on their 10-year anniversary trip and wanted to commemorate this milestone in their marriage.

Slowly, we make our way up to the spot we selected for sunrise, and we are lucky—there are timid rays of sun coming through the clouds. Minutes later, the Patagonian weather does not disappoint and changes completely to an overcast sky with strong winds. Nic and Amber don’t get discouraged, though, and explore the area while I capture windswept memories. Catching up with both of them, I realize Amber is shivering. They both hiked to the Base of the Towers the day before and feel quite sore.  When I suggest coffee and some breakfast, both their eyes light up.

Spending some time inside, sheltered from the rough weather, is much appreciated by all of us, and after a hearty breakfast, we feel inspired to head out for the second part of our Patagonia photoshoot. We take pictures around one of the beautiful lakes of Torres del Paine National Park and then head to a meadow that is protected from the strong winds.

I love what we created together this day and that we could adapt to the conditions and make amazing memories. Amber and Nic, thank you for trusting me to capture your anniversary photos in Patagonia. Cheers to your next ten years together, full of love and joy!