Elopement in Spain: An Unforgettable Wedding in Mallorca

An elopement in Spain filled with love, laughter, and adventure. This unforgettable wedding in Mallorca continues to bring a smile to my face every time I look at the photos.

After months of preparation, I finally met Lindsey and Erik in person at “La Residencia,” where they started to get ready for their elopement in Spain. We all had a lazy morning and enjoyed Mallorca’s laid-back pace, although the air was starting to fill with quiet excitement. I loved documenting how both Erik and Lindsey got ready separately so I could later surprise them with the full story. After the excitement of the first look on a beautiful old staircase in the Alfabia Gardens, they enjoyed some quiet time together at the garden café. A leisurely stroll through the gardens made the warm and sunny afternoon fly by fast. The Alfabia gardens are absolutely beautiful at any time of the year and have an abundance of stunning architectural and organic elements.

Slowly, the air started to cool as we headed to the ceremony location. There was a short hike involved to get there, which gave us the opportunity to be surprised by a special guest: a donkey followed us for a while, especially interested in Lindsey’s flowers. I was a bit worried that we might eventually “lose” them, but before the donkey could convince Lindsey to let go of here flowers, we reached our ceremony spot.

Everything was painted in warm golden colors as Lindsey and Erik celebrated their elopement in Mallorca with a romantic vow exchange overlooking a beautiful peninsula with a ring-shaped window in the rocks. They popped a bottle of champaign and had a beautiful intimate moment at their first dance as husband and wife. Their magical wedding in Mallorca ended with a private dinner at “El Olivo” overlooking Deia.