Capturing Unforgettable Moments of Your Wedding in Brazil

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Plan an Adventure Wedding or Elopement in Brazil with me

Still looking for an elopement photographer in Brazil?
Hey there, I am Christina. I am glad you found me, a traveller, deep diver of the soul and photographer based in South America during the summer months. I specialize in planning intimate moments & ceremonys as well as capturing the raw beauty of your special day in unique landscapes.
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Best Time to Elope to Brazil

If you want to elope to Brazil, the best timing depends on the area and activities you are most interestd in! Most couples choose to have their Wedding in Brazil some time between October and May. If you value a private experience, I would recommend you to evade high season in December to February.

Recommended Seasons for your Wedding in Brazil

I would recommend you to choose the shoulder season for your elopement.
October & November or end of March to May. Temperatures will be cooler and the climate in most areas less humid.You will also avoid the main summer holidays in Brazil and things will be calmer in general.

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Elope to Brazil with me!

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Top Brazil Elopement & Adventure Wedding Locations

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Elopement at Iguazu Falls

Celebrate your Brazil elopement at the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls right at the broder between Brazil and Argentina. Consisting of over 270 individual falls, the Iguazu Falls offer an unforgetteable setting for your elopement in Brazil.
Sceneries: Waterfalls, lush rainforest, river views.
Activities: Hiking, boat tours, helicopter rides.


Fernando de Noronha

Celebrate your Brazil elopement at Fernado de Noronha - a stunning archipelo approximately 354 km (220 miles) off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Consisting of 21 islands with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters it is the ideal place to make your island elopement in Brazil reality.
Sceneries: Pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, turquoise waters.
Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking, boat tours

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Chapada Diamantina

This national park in Brazil has it all: mountains, caves, waterfalls, and pristine rivers like the Mucugezinho and clear lakes such as Lagoa Azul. Best if you are looking for a variety of stunning locations for your Brazil elopement.

Sceneries: Mountains, caves, rivers, waterfalls & pools
Activities: Hiking, rock climbing, caving, rapelling, snorkelling, swimming

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Lençóis Maranhenses

Have your Brazil elopement ceremony among the surreal landscape of vast sand dunes. dotted with freshwater lagoons in wet season, creating a stunning visual contrast.
Sceneries: Lake, Mountains, Glacier, Ice Caves
Activities: Hiking, Sandboarding, 4x4 Off-Roading, Swimming, Stargazing, Horse Riding

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Meet your Brazil Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Christina!

If not totally immersed into photographing amazing people, I’m usually in the Andes with my favorite horse Fiestero or backpacking around the world. I love getting lost in the vastness of untouched nature, accidentally discovering a surprising place or person, and having heart-to-heart conversations.

I started photography in 2009 and over time I specialized in taking unique and intimate portraits of people and their elopements.
Since then, my path has led me to many incredible people and their loved ones. I am spending the months between October and May in South America, sharing my passion for photography and the unique jewels of this continent with the people who come to me.

Christina, your Brazil elopement photographer

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Check out some Epic Adventures & Real Weddings

It was a really short night… Nobody tells you how short nights really are in Patagonia during summer and how early the sunrises happen. So let me tell you: they happen really early. As I drive to the agreed-upon photoshoot …

An elopement in Spain filled with love, laughter, and adventure. This unforgettable wedding in Mallorca continues to bring a smile to my face every time I look at the photos. After months of preparation, I finally met Lindsey and Erik …


Brazil Elopement Packages


from 16.700 USD

3-day road trip through Brazil

Photographic documentation of your 3-day Elopement Adventure (12 h on elopement day, 8 h on first and last day)

Accommodation for 2 nights (min 3* hotels)

All meals included (3x lunch, 3x dinner, 3x breakfast)

3-4 intimate ceremony locations to choose from (based on your ideas)

A custom-tailored timeline for your Brazil Elopement Adventure

Planning assistance to help you find the best vendors for your Brazil Elopement

An extensive gallery within 5 weeks

17.700 USD private/ 16.700 USD public*


from 8.500 USD

Up to 12 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

A custom-tailored timeline

Extensive gallery within 5 weeks

9.500 USD private/ 8.500 USD public*


from 5.900 USD

Up to 8 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

A custom-tailored timeline

Extensive gallery within 5 weeks

6.900 USD private/ 5.900 USD public*


from 3.500 USD

Up to 3 hours of photography

Elopement planning assistance

3-4 intimate ceremony locations proposals

Extensive Gallery withing 5 weeks

4.500 USD private/ 3.500 USD public*


from 27.000 USD

7-day road trip through Brazil

3 days of photography during your Brazil Elopement Adventure (12 h on elopement day, 8 h before and after elopement day)

Accommodation for 6 nights (min 3* hotels)

All meals included (7x lunch, 7x dinner, 7x breakfast)

A custom-tailored timeline for your Brazil Elopement + Honeymoon (7 days total)

Officiant, Hair & Make-Up & Bridal Flowers for your Brazil Elopement day

Airport transfers

Everything listed in the 3-days all-inclusive Brazil Elopement Package

28.000 USD private/ 27.000 USD public*

*Private packages only apply if you wish to keep your photos private. Please book a public package if you’re happy to be a part of my portfolio, which will help promote my work. I’d love to feature some pictures of your adventure story on my website!

**Only available if I am already in Brazil around your elopement date

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FAQs about Eloping and Planning your Wedding in Brazil

Why choose Brazil for your elopement?

Brazil offers diverse landscapes, from beaches to mountains, providing stunning backdrops for your special day.

It’s best to book at least 6 months in advance to ensure availability and sufficient planning time.

Yes, you can choose one of the above packages as your base package and adapt it to your needs with additional services.

Absolutely! Many couples choose to combine their wedding with activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding or even rappeling. We can customize your package to include the adventures you are dreaming about.

Yes, you can. Altough most couples usually choose a purely symbolic ceremony for their convenience.

Here’s what you need to do to get legally married in Brazil:

  • Visit a Civil Registry Office (Cartório de Registro Civil): Both parties must appear in person.
  • Provide Required Documents: These include valid passports, birth certificates, proof of residence, and if applicable, divorce or death certificates of previous spouses. Documents must be translated into Portuguese and authenticated.
  • Witnesses: Two witnesses are required.
  • Publication of Banns: The marriage notice will be published for 15 days.
  • Civil Marriage Ceremony: Conducted by a judge after the waiting period.

For detailed information, consult the local Civil Registry Office or the U.S. Embassy in Brazil.